The beginnings of summer

So I was hesitant to start a blog.  Because, I’m a bit critical of myself, and do not usually come up with something insightful or poetic to write about.  And… who wants to read something that’s not insightful or poetic?   I think recently I’ve been inspired by some other blogs to just write about what I want to write.

Thus, a post.  🙂

Since my birthday, I had about three weeks off of work.  Three weeks between the end of the public school year and the beginning of summer day camp, where I am now working as a one-on-one behavioral aid for the cutest boy in the world.  It actually took two of those weeks to become acclimated to not working 10 hours a day.  I was getting kind of depressed, feeling like my days were being wasted away!  But just in time, by the third week, I started to embrace my lazy days before the start of work again.  I got pretty ambitious with house decorating (none of my plans were actually accomplished- hah!) but I did buy some paint and canvases that were on sale at the art store.  Who knows for what, because I’m definitely NOT a painter!  But maybe I’ll find something fun to do with them.

It’s funny that summer is still such a transitional time, even when you’re not in elementary school and going on vacation with your family.  Come to think of it- I think we only did that maybe twice.  But still.  I’m not a super social person, so it was a little overwhelming thinking about learning another new work environment this summer, since I was already working in two places during the school year.  A lot of our friends and family that live in the city are traveling for various reasons, which makes our community super transitional right now also.  While I do miss them, it does make me open up to more people, which I am thankful for.

Maybe transition isn’t confined to summers, but this summer is definitely characterized by it.  I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold in the upcoming months.

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