More transitions

Funny just a few posts ago I was writing about all the transitions of the summer and wondering what it will look like.  And now it is ending!  I’m thinking of all the transitions back into ‘regular life.’  Summer was great- really long, really rewarding days with cute kids.  I’m really in love with Spencer.  He is the cutest.  And his parents are amazing and gave me a bonus for the end of the summer and want to increase my pay next year.  Just out of their own amazingness.

Sean left three days ago for Asheville, NC.  There’s a Messianic music festival there, and Sean was contracted out to film interviews at it.  I visited Asheville my senior year of college with some friends.  It’s the hippy and Wiccan capital of the east coast, and it really is a mini San Francisco.  I loved it, and remember the double-decker bus that was converted into a coffee shop, and the incense matches that I bought.  I think I still have them.

Anyway, this is the first time I’m alone in my married house.  I was super nervous about it (I hate being alone at night!) and really sad to not be around Sean for 4 days.  We went out for Thai before he left, and I had to drive him to the airport.  Which does not seem like a large feat, but you need to know that I HATE driving in SF.  There is way too much going on- pedestrians, buses, bike lanes, one way streets… I can’t handle it.  So the plan was for Sean to drive the way to the airport and I would drop him off and drive back.  By myself.  Into the city.  …And then come home to a dark, empty house.  I was not all about this plan.

But then!!  After dropping Sean off at SFO, I drove flawlessly back into the city.  There was a lot of Pink on the radio, which was a little empowering (hah), and I did not take the wrong exit to end up on the wrong side of the city (learned that lesson…), and I found a new route to get Chelle and Aaron’s car to their driveway, and backed their SUV into the tiny driveway opening without having to reposition at all.  I know, this is such a tiny victory in life… but it really did make me feel better about being by myself for a few days… like, ‘I can do whatever I need to, beccause I can park this car in a driveway!’  Anyway.  So I felt better and was able to get through the last two days of camp, even walking to work by myself was not TOO weird.  The house has been pretty quiet, though.  I’ve rediscovered my love for Pandora.

And Sean comes home tomorrow!!!  And Aaron and Chelle do as well!  And work starts in a week….

I’m nervous/curious about what this next school year will look like.  There are going to be a lot of changes in my role at work, and new staff.  So I guess we will find out soon how this is going to play out!

Ok, I think I’ve rambled enough for now.  Old transitions ending, new transitions beginning.  I think I’m noticing a theme in life.  🙂

2 thoughts on “More transitions

  1. Hmmm, so interesting that you were “rambling” on this today, cause I was just reading a wonderful book chapter that ended with this: “So leave tomorrow, with its cares, needs, and troubles, in God’s hands. There is no storing up of tomorrow’s grace or tomorrow’s praying. We cannot lay hold of today’s grace to meet tomorrow’s needs. We cannot have tomorrow’s grace; we cannot eat tomorro’ws bread; we cannot do tomorrow’s praying. ‘Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’ And, certainly, if we possess faith, sufficient also will be the good.”
    I love that sufficiency…and I love your approach to all these transitions, even though you were “not all about this plan” haha! Hope it all went well in the end, glad you didn’t run over any pedestrians on your way home, and look forward to hearing how the school year gets going for you!!

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