20 things


1.  I was born in 1987.

2.  I have an brother and sister, both older.

3.  I am from Northern Virginia.

4.  I am on a life-long journey learning who God is, and how he intends life to be.

5.  I believe in truth and love, and that God is the originator of these.

6.  My parents are still married.

7.  I am Jewish and know Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah.

8.  I have been married almost one year (next month!)

9.  My husband is a superhero.

10.  I have an aversion to needles.

11.  3:  The number of times I have peed in my pants in my adult life.

12.  San Francisco is my home for now.

13.  I work at an elementary school in Special Education

14.  I never, ever thought I would be working at an elementary school in Special Education.

15.  I’m pretty good at it.

16.  I’m working on having awkward conversations less often.

17.  I’ve been to 6 countries outside of the U.S. (7, if you count a visa run to Malaysia)

18.  I can’t wait for the rain that will come in a few months.

19.  Coffee shops are my favorite.

20.  I love playing board games with people I like.


One thought on “20 things

  1. I agree with the final 3 points 100%. Also, let’s combine the final two and play boardgames in coffee shops sometimes. Or just play board games wherever. Or at my apartment. I’ve been meaning to buy Scrabble for years.

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