My husband has written over 100 posts.  I have some catching up to do.

I’ve been wanting to write down some people I have noticed over the past few months while going through my daily routine of bus and work and bus home.

–  The bus driver on the 6 every morning at 7:00.  Yesterday was his last day on this line because they are changing around the driver schedules.  He talks to me about politics and budgeting, and football.  (I mostly listen).

–  The barista at the La Boulange next to our school that I (try not to) go to every day for coffee.  He once told me I couldn’t have the school discount because he didn’t understand what I was asking for… and now I always feel awkward asking him for it.

–  The flamboyant elderly man that sweeps the sidewalk in front of his house on Oak St. every morning at 7:10.  “Good morning, gorgeous!”  I once tried to have a conversation with him, but I don’t think he can hear very well.

–  The security guards at the JCC when you walk in.  They always look so official and I always try to smile at them so they don’t think I’m a terrorist.

–  The 7 year old who rides the shuttle bus to the JCC with us every day-  he points out every taxi and cement mixer we pass, with his Russian accent.

–  The woman who rides my bus home.  She is never without braided pigtails and chewing gum.


Anyway… a glimpse into my life.

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