New Year, Same Thoughts


Ok, so obviously it’s been a while… Obama won. Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years all passed.  I’ve actually written a couple blog posts and deleted them before putting them up.  They just didn’t seem right.  Or I wasn’t motivated or feeling very open I guess.  I go through waves I think of how much I want to divulge of my thoughts and feelings.  

It is almost the completion of my two-week holiday break from work, which has been wonderful.  We got to spend some time at Sean’s family’s house over Christmas and in St. Louis at the Urbana conference.  It was really incredible, and once I got over myself and my negative feelings about traveling again, I got to talk with some great people and see God work in many different ways.  I reconnected with an old friend.  It even snowed!  But now, I approach the weekend before returning to work, and I find the same sunken feeling I get about every Sunday when I realize what the next day means.  Don’t get me wrong- I really love my job.  And I’m so grateful for it, and for the people I work with and the kids I get to interact with every day.  But you know, it’s work.  And it’s answering to a boss- several, actually- and getting up early and all that.  So I don’t feel too bad about feeling bad.  Maybe just a little.

One of my dearest friends from college got in last night to visit!    (here’s us senior year I think)


It’s really exciting to see her and spend some time with her as she plans for changes in her life (she just moved back to the U.S. right before Christmas).  It also makes me think about the amazing changes that have occurred since graduating in 2009.  I would never have been able to tell you that in 2013 I would be living in SF with my husband, working in Special Education for the public school district and at the Jewish Community Center.  What?!  

I think of my job as an opportunity to actively care about people, and I’m really glad for that perspective.  I really do love and care about my coworkers and the kids entrusted to me.  In the end-of-the-weekend blues that come around on the last few days of a winter break, or the last few hours awake on a Sunday night, the thought often comes to me of “how much longer until debt is paid off so I can work a little less…?”  Every time, I remember the faces of the people I love so much at work and wouldn’t want to leave them so soon.  And I realize that God has brought me on this path for a reason so for now, I will continue to love my “work people”.  Sometimes it’s just nice to care about people on your own schedule… 

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