Roller coasters and Destiny’s Child


Oh, what a roller coaster.  Have I mentioned that I hate roller coasters?  It’s that feeling in your stomach… I just can’t.  There may have been a very embarrassing moment for me in 8th grade that involved tears and me getting out of line before going on a kiddie-coaster at King’s Dominion.

I want to write, but am having difficulty pinpointing a topic.  Round 3 (ding ding! can you hear the boxing ring bell?) left Sean feeling sick a lot sooner than before… pretty much as soon as we got home on the first day.

My nerves are high when he’s feeling gross- trying to stay on top of meds, and checking in on how much he’s sleeping/should he be moving around more/try to drink more water!/do you want any crackers?/maybe peppermint will help/are you feeling nauseous/dizzy/achy/have you gone to the bathroom/is it dizziness from chemo or side effect of meds?/what should I make for dinner/nevermind I’ll wait to see if you’re hungry/okay, okay I’ll stop asking how you’re feeling.

Praise God for friends.  And medicinal cannabis (not for me guys… for Sean.)

Before they put the IV in to start the infusion, they pat the back of his hand and wait to see which veins pop out.  Pat pat pat… every time, all I can think is “Good boy, good boy!”


Vitals are checked before each infusion, and at each appointment: blood pressure, weight, temperature.  The machine that calculates blood pressure gives a series of beeps that I promise sounds EXACTLY like the beginning to “Jumpin Jumpin” by Destiny’s Child.  I’ve literally had the phrase “Ladies leave your man at home” stuck in my head for the last 2 months because of it.

One I keep coming back to is joy.  Joy is something that I’m continually asking God for in this season, and continually thinking about.  I’m still working out thoughts about this, and have things to say.  More to come… maybe later today if I get time.

And here’s Beyonce on a roller coaster.


2 thoughts on “Roller coasters and Destiny’s Child

  1. Thanks for sharing.Love you! We continue in our prayers for you both ….( PS I can’t do roller coasters either;).. In high school I once threatened to get off at the top just before the first big drop. Thank God my friend had more sense than I did and refused to let me get out of the car!!! Who would choose that feeling in your stomach??)

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